Jean-François Lisée backtracks after congratulating the Tenors for changing O Canada lyrics

Parti Québécois leadership candidate Jean-François Lisée is backtracking after voicing his support for the Tenors controversial rendition of O Canada.

Parti Québécois leadership candidate tweeted his support for group's 'all lives matter' statement

During the performance, Remigio Pereira held up a sign reading "All Lives Matter." (Canadian Press)

Parti Québécois leadership candidate Jean-François Lisée is backing down after voicing his support for the Tenors' controversial rendition of O Canada during Tuesday's Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

The Tenors' version inserted the phrase "All lives matter," and was the subject of backlash across social media. But Lisée tweeted his congratulations Wednesday morning to the popular quartet group, saying "it is time to show our solidarity with victims of violence."

'I really blew it'

During the performance, Remigio Pereira held up a sign reading "All Lives Matter" and during his solo he sang: "We're all brothers and sisters. All lives matter to the great."

The phrase "all lives matter" is often perceived as a rejection of the Black Lives Matter movement. It's widely seen as a way to diminish the issues black people face, especially after four recent police shooting deaths of black men in the U.S.

Lisée initially defended his words, tweeting that while he supports Black Lives Matter, he also feels for the slain Dallas police officers killed last Thursday.

Following a flood of criticism, Lisée changed his tune within three hours and issued an apology.

"I really blew it about the Tenors! Sorry about that!" Lisée wrote.

The leadership hopeful's tweets also stirred controversy last week, when he called out a rival in the race for wishing Muslims a Happy Eid. 

Tenors dismiss Pereira

The Tenors issued a statement shortly after the performance Tuesday night, saying that Pereira acted as a "lone wolf" to "serve his own political views." 

"The other members of the group are shocked and embarrassed," the Tenors said.

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Remigio Pereira inserts 'all lives matter' during solo 0:18

The group tweeted Pereira would no longer perform with them until further notice.