Jean Doré, former mayor, remembered as passionate Montrealer

Montreal's 39th mayor was remembered by friends, colleagues and family today as a man who cared deeply about Montreal and one who wanted to make the world a better place.

Doré's 8 years in power marked by a renewal of the Old Port, Île St-Hélène, and building bike paths

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      Two weeks before his death, a frail Jean Doré took one last fishing trip with his daughter Magali.

      It was the last wish of the former mayor of Montreal, whose love of the outdoors was remembered by many.

      "To be his daughter, his chouette, was a privilege," Magali Doré told 300 people packed into Montreal City Hall to remember the former mayor at a civic funeral this morning.

      "You will be very missed, papa."

      Doré, Montreal's 39th mayor, died on June 15 of pancreatic cancer.

      He was remembered by friends, colleagues and family today as a man who cared passionately about Montreal and one who wanted to make the world a better place.

      Doré's step-daughter, Amélie Duceppe, said the former mayor raised her like his own kin and passed along his passion for the outdoors.

      "He didn't have the chance to know them for very long, but I will make it my duty to remember what a magnificent grandfather he was," Duceppe said.

      Jean Doré's daughters, Amélie Duceppe and Magali Doré, gave a tearful tribute to their father at his funeral at City Hall this morning. (CBC)

      Bloc Québécois leader-designate Gilles Duceppe said even at the end of his life, Doré remained a passionate man who wanted to make the world a better place.

      "The terrible illness he suffered didn't change his approach to life," he said.

      "He left us an important message at the end of his life: Don't put off until later what what you believe you need to do. Live your dreams."

      Duceppe knew Doré for nearly 50 years. They were both part of the student movement in the 60s, and later were both involved with the Parti Québécois. He was on the organizing committee for Doré's mayoral bid. 

      They also shared a personal link: Amélie Duceppe is Gilles Duceppe's daughter.

      He described Doré as not just a second father to his daughter, but a "real father."

      Montreal jazz pianist Oliver Jones plays 'What a Wonderful World' at the civic funeral of the former mayor. 2:09

      Contributions to Montreal

      Doré's real legacy in Montreal has only really come to light in the last few weeks, Duceppe said, noting his contributions to opening the Old Port and appointing the first woman to head the executive committee.

      "He modernized Montreal and made it more human," he said.

      "He was a determined man who never gave up. Jean, you're gone, but you'll be with us for ever. As you often said, 'Salut, mon chum.'"

      Doré oversaw improvements to the city that are still felt daily by Montealers, including adding the city's first bike paths and opening the municipal public consultation office. 

      "Jean Doré opened the doors of Montreal to its citizens," said Montreal architect and philanthropist, Phyllis Lambert 

      "He broke from an autocratic regime where consultation was to vote every four years and city councillors, who had other jobs, met only once a month."

      People who wish to make a contribution in honour of Doré can make a donation to the Jean Doré Fund, which raises money for pancreatic cancer research.

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