Jaela Bernstien

Jaela Bernstien is a reporter based in Montreal. She's covered a wide range of news topics, ranging from criminal trials to ice age caves, and everything in between.

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Why are bike paths plowed before sidewalks? We grilled the City of Montreal on snow removal

Is it true that snow removal in Montreal used to be faster? Yes, but there's a reason behind it. We asked the city to answer all your questions about snow-clearing after a winter storm.

Montreal record shops blame 'archaic' rule dating back to 1970s for lost sales

Mile End record shops appealed to city officials after they were fined thousands of dollars for being open after 5 p.m. on a Saturday, and Montreal now plans to exempt them from store-hours regulations. But some shop owners say it's not a clear victory.

'I'm not a misfit anymore': How marginalized youth are finding themselves through circus

As hundreds of people filed into Montreal's Tohu theatre to watch Cirkaskina, young performers huddled nervously backstage, speaking in excited whispers. Just a few weeks ago, many of these young people were homeless and living with addiction, but tonight they are circus artists.

'I have no one here to speak my language to': Inuit youth at Batshaw describe isolation, lack of schooling

Inuit youth from Nunavik who are flown south and placed in the care of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres deal with "incredible homesickness," a lack of access to school in a language they understand and cultural barriers, according to a report obtained by CBC.

'I ran for my life': Woman forced into sex trade works with police to help others at risk

It's before dawn on a wintry Sunday, and Kyra is busy preparing for a morning riding session at a horse stable on Montreal's South Shore. When she is anxious about her past or scared about her future, this is where Kyra finds peace.

Montreal woman demands answers after learning her alleged harasser has history of sexual assault

Less than a year after being found not criminally responsible on two counts of sexual assault, a Côte Saint-Luc man is back before the courts for allegedly harassing a Concordia University student. 

Single mothers desperately search for shelter after NDG housing project closes

Families who live in a subsidized housing project in NDG's are scrambling to find new housing by next week, after they were told their building's heating system cannot survive another winter.

'Seafood fraud' widespread in Canada, says ocean advocacy group

A recent investigation, which tested seafood bought in Montreal, found more than a third of samples were not the species of fish advertised.

Visible minorities say we told you so, after report finds systemic bias by Montreal police

For the Montrealers who live in fear of the police, an independent report's findings of systemic discrimination is welcome, though frustratingly redundant, evidence of what they've been complaining about for years. 

Black, Indigenous people 4 to 5 times more likely than whites to be stopped by Montreal police

A new report by three independent researchers finds there is systemic bias in street checks by Montreal police but stops short of concluding officers are guilty of racial profiling.

The next generation of pharmacies want healthy people — and a healthy planet

About 80 pharmacies in Quebec are going green by shedding wasteful packaging and single-use products.

Hampstead tenants devastated by developer's plans to bulldoze their apartments

Tenants in a pair of apartment blocks say they're heartbroken and confused after being notified by letter and a sign on the front lawn that their buildings could be demolished to make way for a nine-storey apartment complex.

Canada's 1st face transplant recipient has had many setbacks — but no regrets

Last spring, Maurice Desjardins risked it all for a face transplant. The procedure was a success, but the recovery has been rocky.

Father of dead Granby, Que., girl defended stepmother in 2018 court appearance

The father of the seven-year-old Granby, Que., girl who died after being found in critical condition in her home by police this week defended his girlfriend in court last year, when the woman was granted a full discharge after pleading guilty to assaulting his daughter.

A lesson from New Jersey as Quebec tries to persuade people to leave flood zones for good

New Jersey has found a way to encourage hundreds of homeowners to move away from flood zones, but unlike Quebec, the state has no cap on compensation.