Inside Quebec's new 'flying hospital'

New flying medical centre replaces 30-year-old plane in provincial fleet

New airborne medical centre replaces 30-year-old plane in provincial fleet

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9 years ago
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CBC's Marika Wheeler shows you the important features of the province's new airborne medical centre.

Quebec is upgrading its medical fleet with a one-of-a-kind hospital with wings.

The plane, a Challenger 601 jet, was unveiled today in Quebec by Health Minister Gaétan Barette.

The jet holds specialized medical equipment, including three stretchers and a special incubator, and can accommodate several patients at once. The plane and custom equipment cost $19.5 million.

The government said it will be used for medical transport only, including moving patients whose needs can't be met in their current health care facilities. 

The aircraft replaces the province's old flying hospital, which has been in service since the '80s. The province also owns a Dash-8 and another Challenger jet which is used both for medical purposes and to transport the premier. 

Check out the video above for a tour inside the new flying hospital with CBC's Marika Wheeler. 

Quebec is replacing the "flying hospital" in its fleet of medical evacuation aircrafts. The plane will replace the current aircraft that dates back to the 1980s. (Marika Wheeler/CBC)