Hydro-Québec rates to rise in April by 0.3%

Hydro-Québec's average residential customer will see the average monthly utility bill go up about 50 cents, starting next month.

Utility wanted to increase rates by 1.1%, but Quebec's energy board denied request

With a rate hike of 0.3%, the average homeowner will see their monthly bill go up by about 50 cents. (Radio-Canada)

Hydro-Quebec customers will see their rates go up by 0.3 per cent starting next month.

For the average residential customer, that means an increase on the monthly utility bill of about 50 cents.

Hydro-Québec was initially seeking to raise rates by 1.1 per cent, but the provincial energy board denied that request.

It said an increase of 0.3 per cent is reasonable, due to the increased costs of supplies and transportation.

The energy board's decision will cost the public utility $127 million in foregone additional revenue.

Electricity rates for large industrial customers will not be affected.

The new rate goes into effect April 1.