'They attacked me, they grabbed onto my throat': Hudson woman left reeling after home invasion

​Natalie Poirier​ was asleep in her home in Hudson, Que., early Sunday morning when two people broke down her door and attacked her.

Natalie Poirier was home alone when two people kicked down her door and attacked her

Natalie Poirier said the incident happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday. (Antoni Nerestant/CBC)

​Natalie Poirier​ was asleep in her home in Hudson, Que., early Sunday morning when two people broke down her door and attacked her.

''I heard a big bang, I heard a really loud bang, and I thought it was maybe thunder and my dog freaked out by the sound," she told CBC. "I ran toward where my dog was and yelled his name again, and there were two guys right there in my house.''

Video captured on her home surveillance system shows two people kicking in the front door and rushing in. She said the incident happened just before 2 a.m.

''They attacked me. They grabbed onto my throat. They brought me down to the ground," she said. "I bit them. I tried to fight."

She said the people spoke to her in French, demanding to know where she kept her money.

Natalie Poirier's security system captured images of the break-in itself and several incidents earlier this month when two men were scoping out her property. (Natalie Poirier)

Poirier, who has lived in Hudson her whole life, said she was pinned down and fighting vigorously. She just happened to be home alone because her partner was away this weekend.

"I've never fought so hard. You know, adrenaline. I was just so mad that they had come in and violated me like this. They came into my house for no reason."

She offered to go get her wallet from the kitchen, and when they released her, she made a break for it out the side door and into the street.

Poirier said they pursued her but stopped when she flagged down a passing car.

''There was a car that came. Thank God for that lady who stopped. Poor lady, she just moved here two days ago, because she was told it was a nice safe town. And I don't even know her name, but I am really grateful for her, because she was there to keep me the safe until the police arrived.''

Security cameras captured the Hudson home invasion

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Natalie Poirier's security cameras show two men breaking her door down early Sunday morning.

The Sûreté du Québec confirmed they received a call about a break-and-enter shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Police are investigating and the case was transferred over to the SQ's major crimes unit.

Poirier told CBC that she installed security cameras on her home after her car was broken into.

She contacted police two weeks ago to report that her cameras caught footage of two unknown men walking around her property, her driveway and porch at night. She suggested they might have been eyeing her house ahead of the break-in.

It's not clear whether the two men involved in the home invasion are the same people on the separate security video.

Poirier's front door was cracked as a result of the incident. (Antoni Nerestant/CBC)

When speaking with CBC on Sunday afternoon, Poirier said she was still in shock from the incident.

''I've been here for 41 years, my parents grew up in this town. This is absolutely shocking," she said.

Still, she says, since posting the security footage on her Facebook page and sharing her experience, Poirier has been comforted by an outpouring of support from friends and neighbours.

"I really feel happy to be living in this town still, knowing that these people are going to rally together and find these guys because we need to make Hudson safe again."

Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls told CBC News on Monday that he knows Poirier personally and he reached out to her a day earlier to check in.

He said Hudson is a "tight-knit community" and that "everybody is kind of looking for a solution so this doesn't happen again."

Nicholls said he's confident the police will be able to get to the bottom of what happened.

Now, Poirier is focused on moving forward and repairing some minor damage to her home. She said that looking back, she feels lucky to be alive.

"It's going to take me a while to feel safe again," she said. "But I feel blessed."

Natalie Poirier describes the attack in her home

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Police are investigating after her home was broken into on Sunday.

With files from CBC's Antoni Nerestant