How to properly wear and remove a mask or face covering

Masks will soon be mandatory in Montreal and on public transit across Quebec. Here's how to wear one properly.

Masks will soon be mandatory in enclosed spaces in Montreal and on public transit across Quebec

Update July 8, 2020: Wearing a mask on public transit across Quebec will be mandatory as of July 13. In Montreal, wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces such as shops and bars will be mandatory as of July 27. Below is a story originally published in May.

Premier François Legault is strongly recommending wearing a mask or face covering in public, but don't follow his example when it comes to removing them.

On Tuesday, Legault, alongside Health Minister Danielle McCann and Public Health Director Horacio Arruda, strolled into the COVID-19 news conference wearing masks.

But while removing the mask from his face, Legault got his hands all over it — a big no-no.

Public health now suggests Quebecers wear masks while outside, especially in situations where physical distancing isn't possible. Here's how to do that safely.

How to wear a mask

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Make sure the mask is right side up and properly oriented.
  3. Put the elastic around your ears, or ties the strings behind your head. Make sure the mask fits your face with no gaps.
  4. Make sure the mask covers your face from bridge of nose to chin.
  5. If your mask has one, bend the nose fitting to fit your nose.
  6. Don't touch the mask while you're wearing it.
  7. Wash your hands again before removing.
  8. When removing it, grab the mask from the strings or elastic, don't touch the front.
  9. Clean it if it is reusable or dispose of it in a garbage bag.
  10. Wash your hands again!
Quebec Premier François Legault moments before touching the front of his mask several times after removing it from his face. (Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press)

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