How can we best engage with you?

Watch a replay of our public consultation to hear your thoughts on how we can best serve English-speaking Quebecers.

CBC leadership and journalists discuss engagement with Quebec's English-speaking communities

Talk to us: CBC Quebec

7 years ago
Duration 1:49:20
Talk to us: CBC Quebec

On Feb. 24, we held a public consultation at Maison Radio-Canada and via webcast to hear your thoughts on how we can best serve English-speaking Quebecers. 

As part of our Condition of License Agreement, CBC is committed to consulting with the English-speaking official minority communities every two years. 

You can watch a recording of the complete consultation above. This event is also being reported to the CRTC.

Panel: "How can CBC best use mobile, web, TV and radio to tell stories, exchange and engage with Quebec's English-speaking community?"

Management Panel

  • Jennifer McGuire, editor-in-chief, CBC News & Centres.
  • Shelagh Kinch, managing director, CBC Quebec.
  • Sally Catto, general manager, programming, CBC Television.

Journalist Panel

  • Sonali Karnick, host, All in a Weekend and Our Montreal.
  • Bernard St- Laurent, CBC's Quebec senior political editor and host of C'est la vie.
  • Shari Okeke, journalist.
  • Raffy Boudjikanian, investigative journalist.
  • Marika Wheeler, Quebec's travelling journalist