Hey Ferrari, the CN Tower is in Toronto, not Montreal

Ferrari’s F1 Twitter page shared an endearing video today, boasting the company’s preparedness for the upcoming events — the only problem is, the opening shot is of Toronto's skyline.

Ferrari's F1 Twitter page shared a video with the caption 'Montreal' and a photo of the Toronto skyline

Does this skyline look like Montreal to you? (Twitter)

Droves of race fans and drivers will soon be Montreal-bound to enjoy Grand Prix weekend, but one of the most notable car companies seems to be a little confused about which city they're actually heading to. 

Ferrari's F1 Twitter page shared a well-intentioned video today, boasting the company's preparedness for this weekend's upcoming events. The only problem is, the opening shot is of the Toronto skyline.

Behind text that reads "Montreal, Canada" in all caps, the CN Tower is clearly visible as the camera cuts across Lake Ontario. 

Twitter users piled on to correct Ferrari.

Some were not exactly kind about the whole thing.

Another went even further, putting the Ferrari slogan Forza Ferrari alongside a GIF of a Mercedes Benz car ornament.

The sports car manufacturer never responded to a CBC Montreal request for comment, but on Wednesday tweeted out a new version of the video with a mea culpa... sort of.

After praising the legions of eagle-eyed Twitter uses who spotted the mistake, the company said it "posted the wrong video."

The corrected version includes an opening shot that, at the very least, doesn't include the CN Tower.


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