What 5 words can heal the aching hearts of Habs fans?

What words can comfort the aching hearts of Habs fan?

Words spoken by Carey Price have Habs fans hopeful again for next season

The Habs were one of five Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs this season. (CBC)

What can comfort the aching hearts of Habs fan?

Apparently it only takes five words, if they are uttered by Number 31.

I want to stay here.- Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens goalie

"I want to stay here," Montreal Canadiens star goaltender Carey Price said Monday, as the players eliminated from the NHL playoffs were cleaning out their lockers.

Habs fans wasted no time rejoicing on social media.

Some rushed to put on their Carey Price jerseys, while others were quick to find memes that expressed their sheer joy.

Others were quick to throw shade at fans who expressed their thoughts that maybe Price should be traded and move on to play for a Stanley Cup winning team.

Even Habs players said they could not picture the Habs without Price between the posts.

Brendan Gallagher called his teammate "our MVP. In our eyes, he's the best player in the world."

If that weren't enough to make Habs fans smile, the sentiment was echoed by the team's general manager Marc Bergevin.

A couple of hours after the players cleaned out their lockers, Bergevin said during a news conference that he will do what it takes to keep the 29-year-old goaltender in the bleu-blanc-rouge uniform.

"Carey is a big piece, a huge piece, of our team. We'll find the means to get it done," he said.

Asked if it is possible to win with a goalie as the highest paid player on the team was possible, Bergevin said, "I hope so because he's not going anywhere."

Carey Price: I want to stay here

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Habs goalie Carey Price says he wants to keep playing for the Montreal Canadiens