Gloria Steinem talks women's lib on Cinq à Six

American feminist and writer, Gloria Steinem, is now 81 year old but she's still on the road talking to women of all ages about how to gain more respect in their personal and professional relationships.

My Life on the Road is Gloria Steinem's account of her world travels and quest for equality

The feminist icon discusses her life on the road in a sold-out talk at Montreal's Rialto Theatre. 2:24

I had the immense privilege of talking to 81-year-old Gloria Steinem this week.

The American feminist was in Montreal at the Rialto Theatre to talk about her new book, My Life on the Road.

And I had been invited by the bookstore organizing the launch, Drawn & Quarterly, to do an on-stage interview with her.

Gloria Steinem is an icon but she's also a warm, unassuming, caring woman as I soon realized when I met her in the green room before the event.

We drank tea and chatted about her travels and some of the stories she tells in the book.

The evening was sold-out. 800 people, many of them young women who looked up to Steinem packed the beautiful, rococo Rialto Theatre on Parc Avenue in Montreal.

There were challenging questions and even a song tribute to Steinem by a Mohawk mother following our interview.

It was certainly a highlight of my career and now that it's over I miss having that to think about and look forward to.

We were able to live stream the event and record it for broadcast on Cinq à Six.

So now you can spend some time with her as well.

You can sense the excitement in the room as we were introduced by Peggy Burns from Drawn & Quarterly in our conversation on Cinq à Six.

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Jeanette Kelly works as the arts reporter at CBC Montreal. She's also the host of Cinq à Six, Quebec's Saturday afternoon culture show on CBC Radio One.


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