Montreal borough mayor and ex-Projet Montréal candidate launches new party for municipal election

Giuliana Fumagalli, a former Projet-Montréal candidate has launched Quartiers Montréal, a new political party in time for November's municipal election.

Fumagalli presented 3 candidates under her new municipal party, Quartiers Montréal

Giuliana Fumagalli is seeking re-election as borough mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension in November's municipal election. (Olivier Lefebvre/Radio-Canada)

A new municipal party is hoping to make a breakthrough in Montreal's November municipal election.

Giuliana Fumagalli, borough mayor of Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension, introduced her party, Quartiers Montréal, Saturday.

"Our neighbourhoods must be at the heart of our decisions," she said in a news release, adding that she's proud of her achievements during her first term.

Fumagalli was elected borough mayor as a candidate with Projet Montréal in 2017 before being kicked out of its caucus in 2018 amid complaints of harassment made against her.

An investigation by Montreal's comptroller found Fumagalli's behaviour violated workplace policy, pushing Mayor Valérie Plante to call for her resignation.

Fumagalli is seeking re-election as borough mayor under her new banner.

She will be running three candidates in November: Leonora Indira King in Parc Extension, Mariem Mathlouthi in Villeray and Wendy Oliver in Saint-Michel.

The Quartiers Montréal (QM) party aims to make Montreal and its neighbourhoods "healthy, active, united, inclusive and sustainable."

On its website, the party says it relies on collaborative and participatory governance and an inclusive energy transition.

QM underlines five priorities in its platform, namely the creation of complete living spaces, the development of sustainable transport, diversified housing, the creation of greener living environments to combat climate change and the enhancement of social and cultural diversity.

In a news release, Fumagalli says her party represents Montreal's "true diversity" by prioritizing housing, mobility, green transition, social justice and decentralization.

Montreal's municipal election will take place November 6 and 7, 2021.

with files from Radio-Canada