Garda truck, thousands of dollars stolen from Royal Bank in Montreal

Robbers made off with thousands of dollars from a Montreal bank and are still on the loose after locking two Garda armoured truck workers inside.

Robbers locked armoured truck workers in bank, said police

Garda truck stolen from Royal Bank in Montreal

8 years ago
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Robbers locked armoured truck workers in bank, said police

A Garda armoured truck was stolen, along with thousands of dollars, on Sunday evening from a bank in a Montreal neighbourhood.

The armoured vehicle was stolen after the robbers locked two Garda workers inside the Royal Bank near the corner of Galeries D'Anjou Boulevard and Jean-Talon Street, at roughly 10:20 p.m. Sunday night.

After the Garda employees called 911, police arrived and found the truck, which was empty, about 100 metres from the bank.

Police confirmed thousands of dollars were stolen but the exact amount is unknown.

"The only information that I have is that it's a big amount of money," said Jean-Pierre Brabant, spokesman for the Montreal police.

The Garda workers were freed by the fire department after the lock was cut.

Police are interviewing the workers to get more information.

No arrests have been made.

This is the fourth heist of a Garda armoured truck in Montreal this year.

Police are trying to determine if the crimes are linked.