Montreal police investigating industrial building fire in Saint-Laurent borough

The fire broke out at an industrial building on Ward Street Sunday, Feb. 9 around 6 p.m.

80 firefighters spent much of the night trying to get fire under control

Flames were seen pouring from the roof Sunday evening. The building was heavily damaged. (Kolya H. Huilbault/Radio-Canada)

This incident took place on Feb. 9. 2020. The story was updated Feb. 17, 2020.

Montreal police are investigating after a four-alarm fire did heavy damage to an industrial building in the borough of Saint-Laurent Sunday night.

The fire broke out around 6 p.m. at 2150 Ward Street, just north of Highway 40. The flames spread quickly and could be seen shooting up from the building's roof.

About 80 firefighters were called to the scene. Police say nobody was injured, but the building was heavily damaged.

Firefighters said the warehouse was storing mostly shoes and lingerie.

The building, located at the corner of Ward St. and Authier St., caught fire around 6 p.m. ( KOLYA HUBACEK-GUILBAULT/RADIO-CANADA)

Firefighters spent much of the night trying to get the fire under control. Once it was extinguished, they were unable to determine the cause.

The file was handed over to the Montreal police arson investigation squad who were on site the next morning. Eight days later, police said the investigation continues and the squad had no new information to report.

The building is occupied by Kaytel Média Inc. and Bodispa Inc., both owned by the same person. Both companies are temporarily closed.

with files from Radio-Canada