Feds to replace Champlain Bridge

The federal government is set to announce plans for the construction of a new Champlain Bridge in Montreal.
The crumbling Champlain Bridge is the busiest bridge in Canada. (Canadian Press)

The federal government is set to announce plans to replace Montreal's aging Champlain Bridge.

CBC News has learned Federal Transport Minister Denis Lebel is due in Montreal Wednesday for a bridge announcement.

It's expected Lebel will call for further study to decide whether a new bridge or tunnel would best replace the Champlain.

The bridge, Canada's busiest, opened in 1962 and has needed major repairs for years.

Champlain Bridge Report 

A recent report on the bridge's condition estimated that major repairs to prolong its life would cost an estimated $25 million over the next decade.

The report, released in July, concluded the bridge would have to be replaced eventually, even with repairs.

And the report recommends dedicated public transit lanes, whether a bridge or tunnel is built.