Harper, Trudeau or Mulcair? Federal election panel talks leadership

On the last of CBC Montreal's Daybreak election panel, federal election candidates running in Montreal weighed in on their party leaders and why they are best suited to lead the country.

Candidates makes pitches on why their leader would make the best prime minister

Federal election candidates talk party leaders

6 years ago
Duration 12:30
On the last of Daybreak's candidates panel, the candidates weighed in on their party leaders and why they'd make the ideal prime minister. 12:30

On the last of CBC Montreal's Daybreak election panel, federal election candidates running in Montreal for the Conservatives, Liberals and the NDP weighed in on their party leaders and why they are best suited to lead the country.

The candidates also debated the negatives — making the case for why the other party leaders aren't ready to take the helm of Canada's government.

The gruelling 78-day campaign is in its final week, with the election set for Oct. 19. 

Rachel Bendayan is running for the Liberals in Outremont, Rudy Husny is running for the Conservatives in the same riding and the NDP's Ryan Young is running in Lac Saint-Louis.

Stephen Harper, Conservatives

Husny: "When it comes to leadership, the prime minister has a proven track record. He's been in power for nine years. He has made the tough decisions, he has been faced with tough choices to make when it comes to security, economy."

Young: "I think, often, people have accused the Stephen Harper government of being an elected dictatorship and I think that's a pretty good description of the situation."

Bendayan: "My main concern with Mr. Harper's leadership is really on the economy. I think Canadians know that we need to invest in the economy, we need to move forward, we need to create jobs. When you want to get out of a recession, you need to put the money in in order to get going again and that's what Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are doing."

Justin Trudeau, Liberals

Bendayan: "For me, Justin Trudeau has inspired so many young people to get involved in politics. I can't tell you how encouraging it is to see people get involved in my campaign for the first time in any campaign. To get people engaged, I think it's important to inspire Canadians and I think that's what Justin Trudeau has done."

Young"Look at his CV. What has he done as a politician besides been an MP?"

Husny: "I think that Justin doesn't have the experience to govern. He's only been an MP for less than seven years. Harper has been prime minister for nine years so I don't think [Trudeau] has the experience."

Thomas Mulcair, NDP

Young: "Two law degrees from McGill University, hired straight into the legislative affairs branch of the Quebec justice department right out of law school, an MNA for Quebec, a minister of the environment."

Husny: "We've branded him as a career politician and I think everybody agrees...Now I think the people around Canada are seeing that he has two faces on a lot of issues because he's trying to be everything for everyone."

Bendayan"Well, my concern is that we need somebody with a positive vision for the country and that's not something the NDP is proposing or that Mr. Mulcair represents." 


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