Famous Quebec pig travels the world, inspires social media following

Christopher has amassed a substantial social media presence in the last year, with 19,000 followers on Instagram, as well as growing Facebook and YouTube pages.

Christopher the Pig is a world traveller, has 19,000 followers on social media

Christopher the Pig has had a lot of big adventures since joining his new family one year ago. (Christopher the Pig/Facebook)

Christopher the pig has had some big adventures in the year since he was adopted by Marilyne and Jonathan Duguay.

Since the Brossard couple adopted Christopher he's become very much part of the family.

"You need to give him lots of love," said Jonathan of the miniature Vietnamese teacup pig.

Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay took Christopher to Arches National Park in Utah in April. (Submitted by Marilyne Duguay)

Christopher has amassed a substantial social media presence in the past year — he has 19,000 followers on Instagram as well as growing Facebook and YouTube pages.

The latest video, posted during Tuesday's snowstorm, features Christopher snuffling around in the snow with two elves riding on his back.

Christopher's journey to stardom continued Friday as he paid a visit to CBC Montreal's Homerun studio for a one-on-one meet and greet with Sue Smith.

"Some pigs they have a lot of personality. Some can be really playful," Marilyne told CBC. "He's more like an old soul."

Marilyne said she always enjoyed taking photos, and Christopher is a good sport about posing.

"I think Christopher is a really cute model, and he loves to spend time with me," she said, but she isn't above bribing him with food in order to make him sit still.

Marilyne takes the lead editing videos and posting on Christopher's feed.

As her husband tells it, she's the reason Christopher came into their lives in the first place.

"My wife, she's vegetarian, and she wanted to have a pig so I got her a pig as a pet," he says. "She was excited."

One thing that drives social media users to Christopher's pages are the photos and videos depicting his passion for travel.

In the last year, Christopher and his owners have travelled to New York, Utah, Halifax, Ottawa and Quebec City among other places.

"I think he loves it a lot, travelling," said Jonathan. "He loves it because pigs — they love having another smell. Everywhere you go has a different smell."

Christopher was partial to New York City in particular, where he toured Times Square in October.

"He loves New York because of all the smells, the shops that sell food on the street," said Jonathan.

And that's far from the end of Christopher's ambitious travel plans — in March the couple are heading to France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland with their pig in tow.

Jonathan says that it's not as hard as you might think getting Christopher from place to place since he's registered as a service animal.

"I was in the army, so he takes good care of me when I fly," explained Jonathan.

That's just another way this atypical pet proves himself a valued member of the Duguay family, says Jonathan.

Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay take their pig Christopher travelling with them wherever they go. (Submitted by Marilyne Duguay)