Falling concrete damages car on Que. highway

A St-Constant, Que. man is unharmed after a chunk of cement from an overpass fell and smashed into his windshield while driving on Highway 132 Monday.
The concrete chunk landed on the passenger side, which was vacant. ((André Laplante))
Transport Quebec is investigating after a chunk of cement from an overpass fell and smashed into a driver's windshield Monday.

St-Constant, Que. resident Ghislain Laplante, 25, was driving on Highway 132 near Highway 10 and the Champlain Bridge when a 30-40 cm-long piece of concrete hit his windshield.

It landed on the passenger side, which was vacant, and Laplante was not harmed.

Transport Quebec Spokesperson Caroline Larose said engineers were sent to check out the overpass, and said it has no structural problems.

"The structure is made of steel beams and the concrete was kind of the outside slab of the structure," said Larose early Tuesday morning.

The driver was on Highway 132 near Highway 10 when a 40 cm-long piece of concrete landed. ((Radio-Canada))
"Any kind of action we'll take will follow the report we'll get probably this morning from our engineers."

Both lanes of Highway 132 had to be closed temporarily Monday, but Transport Quebec engineers said the overpass is safe, and reopened the highway shortly afterwards.