In living colour: Montrealers' snapshots of the city's autumn leaves

The autumn colours have finally arrived in Montreal, and people in the city are falling hard for fall.

This weekend, CBC Montreal called out for your best shots of the city's changing leaves

A natural rainbow. (Hong Duong/Facebook)

Although the unusually hot weather kept them at bay, autumn colours have finally arrived in Montreal. CBC Montreal reached out to the city's dwellers, calling for their best shots of Mother Nature's colour show. 

Old Port popping with colour

Montreal's historic Old Port looked beautiful, with vividly coloured trees lining the St-Lawrence River this weekend. Montreal's new Grande Roue was a highlight for some. 

Montreal's Grande Roue in the Old Port was accented by vibrant fall colours this weekend. (Sandra Lahaie/Facebook)

Rich pigments in the parks 

People flocked to Mount Royal and La Fontaine parks this weekend to bask in the beauty — and, of course, to take photos.

Some remarked that many trees still looked pretty green on Mount Royal — a result of higher-than-average temperatures earlier this month. 

La Fontaine Park was another hot spot for Montrealers this weekend. 

Lachine Canal, Southwest borough spotlighted

Montreal's Southwest was vibrant with rich colours, too — Montrealers seemed especially fond of the Lachine Canal. 

Taken in Verdun. (Caroline Vallieres)

Leaves, up close

Of course, landscapes aren't the only beautiful thing about autumn. Indulging in fallen leaves up close offers a detailed look at some of nature's most intricate colour work.