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We asked listeners to try out recipes from four different cookbooks and review them on air. Here's what they had to say.

All In A Weekend's Cookbook Club yields some drool-worthy results

All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick holds up "Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip" - one of four featured books in our Cookbook Club. (Julie Melanson/CBC)

We asked, you answered!

Then you cooked and cooked and cooked.

The All in a Weekend Cookbook Club launched on March 25 when cookbook connoisseur Jonathan Cheung joined host Sonali Karnick in studio to chat about four brand-new cookbooks that were just hitting the shelves

All In A Weekend asked listeners to test out recipes from one of four featured cookbooks and tell us about on the radio.

Sonali then asked listeners to try out a minimum of three recipes from these books, then review some of them on the radio over the month of May. 

The response was overwhelming. It seems that there are a lot of amateur chefs in the city who are eager to try something new!

Our first two reviewers were Stacy Gagnidze and Jefferson Lewis, who cooked dishes from Amy Kaneko's book Let's Cook Japanese Food!: Everyday Recipes for Authentic Dishes.

The Mapo Dofu dish from "Let's Cook Japanese Food". (Sonali Karnick)

Both Stacy and Jefferson have been to Japan and were eager the re-create the flavours they experienced while visiting. On Sunday, May 14, they chatted with Sonali about how the various recipes worked out.

The consensus? They all agreed that Mapo Dofu (soft tofu combined with ground pork) is their new comfort food, that Okonomiyaki was a lot of prep but worth it and the Teriyaki Salmon is a fantastic recipe. 

Stephanie Felkai made the recipes from "Tartine All Day" - including these ricotta dumplings - with her daughters. (Stephanie Felkai )

Our next 2 reviewers were Stephanie Felkai and Julia Curry, who reviewed Elisabeth Prueitt's  Tartine All Day.

Tartine is a famous pastry shop and bakery in San Francisco but Prueitt wrote this book for the home cook with a number of gluten-free recipes, as she, herself is gluten intolerant.

Cookbook Club member Julia Curry made the Lemon Pudding Cake from "Tartine All Day" which she was was "easy and very nice". (Julia Curry)

Both Julia and Elisabeth joined Sonali in studio to chat about the various recipes they tried. Between the three of them, they went through most of the recipes in the book. Julia brought in two kinds of madeleines to try out (they were a hit) and everyone agreed that the ricotta dumplings were delicious.

The Harissa Chicken from Melissa Clarkson's "Dinner" was a hit. (Sonali Karnick)

You can hear the full review here.

Our next two amateur chefs were Melanie Beaudin and Eada Rubinger, who tried recipes from  Dinner: Changing the Game by Melissa Clark.  Among the selection of recipes they tried, the Harissa Chicken was a definite hit. Pro tip from Sonali: sprinkle some paprika on top to finish.

Eggs Galliano from "Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip" by Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller. The dish seems to be a take on Shakshuka, an Israeli dish where eggs are essentially poached in the oven in a sauce. (Sonali Karnick)

Full cookbook review here.

Our last two reviewers, Anna De Aguayo and Rick Johal, reviewed Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road TripThis book came out of a road trip and a blog from Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller, two women who traveled across Canada finding recipes for homegrown cuisine from coast to coast to coast.

Both Rick and Anna agreed that the little anecdotes that came with each recipe were fun to read, but that some of the recipes required ingredients that were hard to find in Montreal (such as arctic char and spruce boughs).

Hear the full interview here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cookbook Club! We hope you've made some great discoveries and enjoyed the journey of cooking something new,