Emma usurps Léa for top spot on Quebec's baby name list

New number one, Emma, and four-time leader, William, topped the annual list of Quebec's most popular baby names in 2012.

Chloé, Antoine bumped out of top 10

José Palacio, born in Montreal only two seconds into 2012, was one four boys named José born in Quebec last year. (Radio-Canada)

Emma and William topped the annual list of Quebec's most popular baby names for 2012.

The list, which is published by Quebec's pension board from births registered with the Directeur de l'état civil, was released today and details the 10 most popular names, divided by gender.

Léa, the most popular name for Quebec's baby girls for the previous five years, was bumped down to the number two spot last year. There were 505 girls named Emma, compared to 474 named Léa.

William, which has been the most popular name given to boys in the province since 2009, still reigned in 2012. There were 855 baby Williams born in Quebec during that year.

Other popular names in 2012 were Olivia and Olivier, Rosalie, Nathan, Juliette, Thomas and Gabriel.

There were also 344 Camilles and 702 Félixes welcomed into the world, according to the records held by the Régie des rentes.

Fewer Quebecer Chloés and Antoines meant those names were bumped out of the top 10.

The Régie said it is noticing a greater variety of names among those registered in the province. The popular ones tend to be more than a flash in the pan, however, and show up on the top 10 lists for several years, it said.

The Régie maintains a public database of all baby names registered in Quebec, a resource that it says has been accessed more than 420,000 times.

Top Quebec baby names in 2012

1. Emma1. William
2. Léa2. Nathan
3. Olivia3. Olivier
4. Florence4. Alexis
5. Alice5. Samuel
6. Zoé6. Gabriel
7. Rosalie7. Thomas
8. Juliette8. Jacob
9. Camille9. Félix
10. Mia10. Raphaël
(Source: Régie des rentes)