Priscilla Presley wants the world to see Quebec's Elvis Presley Experience

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of the "King of Rock and Roll," wants the world to see how a Quebecer has brought him back to life.

Martin Fontaine's tribute show going on a world tour after 12 nights in Montreal

Priscilla Presley says Martin Fontaine's show is the most loyal to a real Elvis concert. (Radio-Canada)

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of one of rock's most iconic figures, wants the world to see how a Quebecer has brought him back to life.

The Elvis Presley Experience, a tribute show by actor-singer Martin Fontaine, has enjoyed three successful seasons in Quebec City. It has also done well in Las Vegas and Paris. And after a 12-show run in Montreal next month, it will hit Turkey, Israel, and South Korea.

Hopefully, it will be just the beginning, the 70-year-old Presley said.

"I want to give other countries the experience to see what it's like being in Elvis's show," she said during a stop in Montreal to promote it.

"It's important for me to keep his legacy going, to have a young generation find out what was Elvis all about, why he's so beloved."

To Presley, Fontaine's performance is the most faithful to what it was like to see the real thing on stage. And that, she says, is because he doesn't try to look or sound like Elvis, unlike the legions of impersonators out there.

"Martin is an actor. He's not trying to be Elvis. He doesn't try to look like Elvis. He transforms himself on stage.

"It's like being at the Hilton in Las Vegas watching Elvis. It was very surreal for me."

Martin Fontaine portrays Elvis in the Elvis Presley Experience. (Radio-Canada)

Last year, Presley produced the album If I Can Dream, with 14 of Elvis's favourite songs. Original master tapes of his voice were used along with Britain's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Canadian crooner Michael Bublé collaborated on the song Fever.

"I saw Bublé in concert singing Fever, and thought would be great to have that collaboration," she said. "The blending on their voices was nice little plus to the album."

The Elvis Presley Experience will show at Théâtre St. Denis from March 16 to 27. Tickets are $88.50 and can be purchased online.