Taxelco Téo, Montreal electric taxi fleet, to start 3-month trial run

The first fully-electric taxi fleet is seeking 500 volunteers to put its service to the test after it launches 50 cabs on city streets next Thursday in Montreal.

Company aims to eventually get 2,000 electric cabs on city streets

An electric version of the Kia Soul will be part of the Montreal's first fully-electric taxi fleet. (Stephan Poulin)

The city's first fully-electric taxi fleet is looking for 500 volunteers to put its service to the test when its 50 cabs hit the streets next Thursday in Montreal. 

Taxelco aims to eventually get 2,000 fully-electric vehicles rolling, but will start with a three-month pilot project of the service, called Téo, beginning Nov. 26. 
The company announced more details of the app-based taxi service at news conference Wednesday morning, revealing its plan to pay drivers $15 per hour with benefits. 

The project was proposed by entrepreneur Alexandre Taillefer during the Je Vois Montreal project, which solicited pitches to improve the city last year.

The company describes its service as "a completely renewed user experience, while helping to reduce greenhouse gases." 

The fleet will be comprised of a number of different car models, including many Teslas.

Those interested in volunteering as a guinea pig for for the fledgling fleet are invited to alert them through their website