E-cigarette regulations proposed by Montreal public health

Montreal public health is calling for more regulations surrounding e-cigarettes, including classifying them under the Tobacco Act.

Montreal agency says lawmakers must ensure e-cigarettes aimed at smokers trying to quit, not non-smokers

Critics say the lack of regulations surrounding e-cigarettes risk introducing a new generation to smoking. (AFP/Getty Images)

Montreal public health is calling for more regulations surrounding e-cigarettes.

The agency has released five different recommendations for law makers.

E-cigarettes, which are unregulated in Canada, are increasingly popular among smokers trying to quit.

But critics say the lack of control mean that e-cigarettes risk introducing a new generation of young people to smoking, when little is known about the long-term health impact of the products.

The recommended sanctions include:

  • Marketing e-cigarettes as a Canadian tobacco product.
  • Set standards for minimum quality to make the cigarettes as safe as possible.
  • Making e-cigarettes subject to the Tobacco Act, adding limitations for advertising and sponsorship.
  • Only recommending e-cigarettes as an aid for quitting smoking under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Making e-cigarettes available for smokers trying to quit before making them available to everyone else in Canada.

Executive director of Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada Cynthia Callard said the recommendations are in line with many of their concerns. 

"The potential benefits of these products, that I think are widely acknowledged, are not realized and the downfalls are exacerbated. It's just a poor strategy," she said.

She said e-cigarettes are a real option for people who want to stop smoking, but more needs to be done to prevent them from drawing in non-smokers.