Dogs that killed smaller dog in violent Cowansville attack could be put down

The two dogs killed a third, smaller dog, and injured its owner who tried to step in and save the pet’s life.

Mauled dog's owner injured while trying to save his pet

These two dogs are currently under observation after they attacked and killed another dog in Cowansville, Que. last Sunday. (SPA des Cantons)

After a brutal dog attack in Cowansville, Que. in which a small dog was mauled to death, a local animal protection society is mulling over whether the offending dogs will be euthanized 

Last Sunday, two dogs killed a third, smaller dog and injured its owner, who tried to step in and save the pet's life. 

Carl Girard, director of operations at the SPA des Cantons, says when they were called to the scene at around 8:30 p.m., one dog was already dead.

Carl Girard says it's not unusal for dogs to attack, especially when their pack mentality kicks in. (Radio-Canada)

Under observation

The dogs are now being kept in isolation at the SPA and will be observed for 10 days. They will eventually be examined by a veterinarian.

"We are really keeping them on their own. We want to let them calm down for a few days," Girard said of the dogs, which are both mutts.

"I want us to see if there are any health problems, something that we don't know, that could have lead to this aggression or could have made it worse."

Girard said he has not yet met the dogs' owners or seen the police report.

Not unusual behaviour

Girard says he does not know what led the dogs to attack, but at the same time he says the behaviour is not exceptional for dogs.

A 'beware of dog' sign is posted at the home of the owner whose dog was killed. (Radio-Canada)

As soon as there is more than one dog, a pack mentality can develop, he said.

"You add the effect of the pack to the predator instinct and the chances of aggression are definitely higher," he said. "Except here we were looking at two big dogs against a little one."

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