Discover a magical world of gnomes inside a Quebec eco-park

The Parc écologique Godefroy in Bécancour is the home of some very special creatures.

The Parc écologique Godefroy in Bécancour is the home of some very special creatures

The park has a whole community of miniature gnomes living in it. (Radio-Canada)

If you happen to be walking through the Parc écologique Godefroy in Bécancour, Que., you might stumble upon a little village complete with tiny houses with working doors and windows, and no shortage of gnomes going about their business.

The display, and the handiwork, is straight out of the imagination of Michel Marchand.

Michel Marchand created the "Gnome Park" inside the Parc écologique Godefroy. (Anne-Andrée Daneau/Radio-Canada)

He built all the little gnome houses himself and crafted the tiny characters who inhabit the "Gnome Park."

"As of mid-January, the magic of Santa Claus is over," said Marchand. With the gnome, "the magic lasts year round. That's very, very important."

This is just one of the many creatures who inhabit the handmaid houses built into the park. (Radio-Canada)

Each of the gnomes who live in the park are different, and can be found hiding behind doors built into trees and logs.

There are also different types of gnomes, explained Marchand, depending on where they like to gather, from forests to gardens and farms.

All of the gnomes, and the houses, on display are different. (Radio-Canada)

Marchand said he loves to watch visitors explore the installation, and goes around twice a day himself to collect the gnomes that might have been moved or scattered during the day and redistribute them.

Visitors are welcome to come and see the gnome village free of charge during the park's opening hours.

The site even includes a Montreal Canadiens-inspired gnome who's cheering for the home team. (Radio-Canada)

Based on a report by Radio-Canada's Anne-Andrée Daneau