Dany Villanueva released on bail

Dany Villanueva has been released on $1000 bail today until his next court case on June 22.

His immigration lawyer said a conviction on any new charges puts Villanueva's immigration status at risk

Dany Villanueva spent the weekend in jail before Monday's bail hearing. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Dany Villanueva has been released on bail today until his next court case on June 22.

Villanueva, 29, appeared in court shackled this morning. He was handcuffed on his wrists and ankles. He was wearing a gray T-shirt and long black hair. His bail was set at $1000.

Conditions of his bail include that he's not allowed to associate with his co-accused nor be found in a certain area in Montreal North. 

This area includes Léger Boulevard to the north and Maurice-Duplessis Boulevard to the south, Langelier Boulevard to the east and Rolland Boulevard to the west.

Villanueva cannot be in possession of arms and has a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

He is also not allowed to change his address. 

He was arrested Thursday in Repentigny and charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy on Friday.

Nine other suspects were picked up in a police raid in Montreal North around 4 p.m. on Thursday.

Villanueva spent the weekend in jail.

He has had been facing deportation to his native Honduras after pleading guilty to a 2006 armed robbery. His immigration lawyer, Stéphane Handfield, said a conviction on any new charges does put Villanueva's immigration status at risk.

Villanueva's brother, Fredy, was gunned down by a police officer at a park in Montreal North in August 2008.