Crown prosecutors approve new deal

The new agreement will bump all prosecutors up a level on the pay scale as well as give added incentives for working on specialized units.
Christian Leblanc, the head of the prosecutors' association, said the new deal will lead to a more efficient system (Radio-Canada)

Quebec's Crown prosecutors have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new contract with the government.

The head of the union says the agreement is an historic one and will lead to a more efficient system that will benefit all Quebecers.

"It's hard to find any bad parts of the agreement," said prosecutor Dennis Galiatsatos.

"I think, in general, it sent a clear message. It's a great vow of recognition from the government."

The province’s Crown prosecutors will now be given a unique, quasi-judicial status.

They’ll also be bumped up one level on the pay scale. That could amount to an increase of up to 20 per cent of their current pay.

The deal also includes incentives for working in special units, like the province’s anti-corruption squad. Prosecutors who work for the squad will get a 10 per cent wage increase.

"The biggest gain that we got is not the money, it's the fact that we will no longer have the right to strike, which we never wanted," Christian Leblanc, the head of the prosecutors' association.

Last winter, the province's 450 prosecutors walked off the job, pushing for better working conditions.

They were legislated back to work two weeks later.

On Saturday, the prosecutors voted 99.4 per cent in favour of the new agreement, which still has to be approved by the National Assembly.

It will be introduced by November 15th.