Cree youth walk nearly 600 km protesting against uranium extraction

Around 20 young Cree people have arrived in Quebec City after walking nearly 600 kilometres to protest against uranium exploration.

Uranium extraction could pose a threat to the watershed, protesters warn

Cree youth walked nearly 600km to Quebec City to protest against uranium mining in Mistissini, Que. (Julia Page/CBC)

Around 20 young Cree people have arrived in Quebec City after walking nearly 600 kilometres to protest against uranium exploration.

The group left Mistissini, Que., north-east of Chibougamau, Que., 13 days ago.

Uranium extraction has been on the table in Mistissini since 2006.

A Boucherville-based company, Strateco Resources, has invested $120 million into developing a uranium mine in Mistissini in the last 10 years.

"I want Quebecers to stand with us in this important, pivotal moment in our lives. We don't want our waters to be contaminated," said Joshua Iserhoff, chair of the Cree Nation Youth Council.

Iserhoff said the Cree are not opposed to the development of natural resources, but said the risk uranium extraction could pose on the region’s watershed is too high.

The Mistissini project has been on hold for almost two years.

Now, the province is holding public hearings on uranium mining.

The outcome of those public hearings will determine whether Strateco will be allowed to continue the project.

Joshua Isherhoff spoke with CBC's Quebec A.M. 

Youth Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff is one of a group of young Cree who are walking from Mistissini to Montreal to call for a stop to uranium exploration and mining on Cree land. He came into studio to talk about how the walk has gone so far. 11:29