At least 2 dead, 4 injured after car crash in Kahnawake

Six people were in the car when it swerved out of control around 3 a.m. in a residential area of Kahnawake, south of Montreal.

Investigation underway after driver struck guard rail, spun out of control and hit other cars

When police arrived on scene, the vehicle involved in the crash was engulfed in flames. (Radio-Canada)

At least two people have died and four others were injured in a car crash in Kahnawake, local police have confirmed.

The crash took place around 3 a.m. on Veterans Boulevard in Kahnawake, a Mohawk territory south of Montreal.

Two men, between 18 and 20 years old, were confirmed dead on the scene of the crash, the Peacekeepers said.

The Kahnawake Peacekeepers said six people were in the car.

"Upon arrival on the scene, the Peacekeepers found the car engulfed in flames, with local residents helping the passengers get out of the vehicle," David Lahache, the interim public relations officer for the Peacekeepers, told CBC News.

The driver struck a guard rail and then lost control, said police. (Radio-Canada)

Lahache said three passengers, all women, were transported to nearby hospitals. Two women were transported to Anna-Laberge Hospital in Châteauguay and one to the Montreal General Hospital, but he did not have information about their injuries or current status.

The driver sustained minor injuries. He is being interrogated by local police, Lahache said.

A local resident told CBC News he woke up between 2:30 and 3 a.m. to the sound of a crash and saw a "fireball" outside his window.

'We could only account for 4'

Another neighbour, Robert Montour, was lying awake in bed when he heard a car roar past his house. As the engine sound faded into the distance, he heard the crash. 

Montour says he rushed to the two-door car, where the driver was pulling a female passenger out. 

Robert Monteau lives about 300 metres from where the car crashed in Kahnawake early Saturday morning. (CBC)

He ran back to this own car to grab a trailer hitch to smash the window to help extract another one of the passengers. But the driver had already found an axe by the time Montour got back and was pulling another woman out. 

"The flames got intense, even more intense that you couldn't get near the vehicle anymore," Montour said.

At that point, the male driver and three female passengers were all outside the car. 

"That's when we found out — one of the girls who was there, she said — that there were six people in the vehicle, and we could only account for four," he said. 

The car spun out of control and crashed into cars in a driveway on Veterans Boulevard in Kahnawake. (CBC)

Montour says he's called authorities several times about people speeding on his street, which is made easier by the lack speed bumps and small number of stop signs.

Speed a possible factor

The car hit a guard rail and spun out of control before hitting cars that were parked in a driveway, said Lahache. It then burst into flames.

"Speed was a definite factor, but we're still trying to determine the other factors of the accident," he said.

There is an investigation underway and the Peacekeepers are looking to interview witnesses.

David Lahache, the interim public relations officer for the Kahnawake Peacekeepers, said speed was a 'definite factor,' but that investigators are looking into other causes.

Asked if speed was a problem on the street, Lahache said it's an issue just as it is in many other residential areas.

"Here we have smaller streets, it's a very close-knit community and we also have a lot of fast cars here in Kahnawake; we have a lot of muscle cars, so people do drive fast, excessively at times," he said. 

The Sûreté du Québec is also assisting in the investigation.

An ambulance and firefighters were also at the scene of the crash, which took place in a residential area.

With files from Simon Nakonechny