Coyote on the loose in Kirkland caught

Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson said a coyote lured and caught by city officials Tuesday was so easy to nab suggests people have been feeding it, and it had become dependent on them for food.

Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson says coyote's easy capture suggests it's become dependent on people feeding it

CBC reporter Shaun Malley took this photo of a coyote at the Ecomuseum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. (Shaun Malley/CBC)

A coyote on the loose in Kirkland on Montreal's West Island has been caught.

Employees for the City of Kirkland said they easily lured the animal with bait and caught it with a capture stick on Saturday night.

Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson said the fact the coyote was so easy to nab suggests that people have been feeding it and the animal has developed a strong dependency on people for food.

If I could give any advice, it's stop feeding the wildlife, and they'll take care of themselves.- Kirkland city manager Joe Sanalitro

"People need to not feed them, and then they'll probably never be seen," said city manager, Joe Sanalitro. "They'll do their hunting when it's dark and do what they have to do — and not approach adults or people."

"If I could give any advice, it's stop feeding the wildlife, and they'll take care of themselves."

The coyote, which appears to be in good health, is now being tested at a clinic, Kirkland officials said.

It will then either be released into the wild or, if it has become too dependent on humans for food, it will be brought to a zoo. 

Kirkland officials suggested the Ecomuseum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue as a possible future home.

In June, the City of Kirkland issued warnings to residents about the animal, asking them to contact authorities if they spot one.

Last month, a coyote attacked a small dog in Ecclestone Park in Kirkland when its owner was taking it for a walk.