Liberal MNA, who was at National Assembly this week, tests positive for COVID-19

Liberal MNA Filomena Rotiroti confirmed on Saturday that she tested positive for COVID-19. Rotiroti was last present at the National Assembly on Thursday, but did not take part in committee meetings, according to officials.

Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade says she will go get tested as a precaution

A member of the Quebec Liberal Party caucus has tested positive for COVID-19. (Claude Mathieu/Radio-Canada)

Liberal MNA Filomena Rotiroti has tested positive for COVID-19. She was last present at the National Assembly on Thursday.

A message from the clerk for the National Assembly Commission was sent out to all parties on Saturday informing them that an MNA recently tested positive for the virus, and that all public health measures were being followed.

The message specified that the MNA was not present during any committee meetings.

Filomena Rotiroti, a Liberal MNA for the Jeanne-Mance-Viger riding in Montreal's east end, has tested positive for COVID-19. (Quebec Liberal Party)

On Saturday afternoon, Rotiroti, who represents the riding of Jeanne-Mance-Viger in Montreal's east end, confirmed that she had undergone a COVID-19 test after learning that someone in her circle had tested positive.

In light of her positive result, she will remain in self-isolation, she said.

Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade also tweeted on Saturday, saying she would get tested as a precaution.

The National Assembly Commission clerk's message assured MNAs that they do not need to do anything as a result of Rotiroti's positive test, but they will be advised if something changes.