Where construction season tastes like passion fruit

The frozen ode to construction season is lime-coconut and mango-passion fruit flavoured at Pops Art in St-Henri.

Pops Art has gotten a big response to its frozen creation, even Ponto the pylon stopped by

Pops Art specializes in artisanal popsicles made of fresh fruit. (Catherine Begin/Pops Art)

The owner of Pops Art in St-Henri was biking one day when it occurred to her that the orange pylons peppered throughout Montreal look quite a bit like popsicles.  

"I was at a construction site, saw the cone, and thought 'well, that's a familiar shape'," Catherine Begin told CBC Montreal's Homerun.

She's now created a frozen ode to construction season in lime-coconut and mango-passion fruit.

The cones have generated a big reaction on Facebook and Montreal's most famous orange cone creation, Ponto the plushie and webcomic hero, even stopped by to sample the new flavour.

Begin is hoping to expand her shop's offerings next year with tea and coffee blends.

with files from CBC Montreal's Homerun