Rise in complaints against Montreal taxi drivers over last two years

Information obtained by Radio-Canada shows that 485 grievances were filed between January and Sept. 11.

Lack of courtesy, condition of the vehicles cited in grievances filed this year

In 2014, a record number of complaints were filed to the Montreal Taxi Bureau. (iStock)

There has been a rise in complaints to the Montreal Taxi Bureau over the last two years.

Information obtained by Radio-Canada shows that 485 grievances were filed between January and Sept. 11, meaning its on pace for 697 for the full year and comparable to last year.

This year has been challenging for Montreal taxi drivers as they try to compete with Uber, a service that allows drivers to work with little overhead costs and to undercut traditional cab fares.

There was a record number of complaints against taxi drivers in 2014.

By year's end, a total of 727 complaints were filed.

Overall, the most common grievance was a lack of courtesy on the part of the drivers. Other complaints included failure to respect the Highway Safety Code, refusing to follow a requested route and taking a longer course than necessary. 

The condition of the vehicles was also one of the most common complaints.

Passengers, drivers and hotels are amongst those who file complaints.

Complaints over the years

  • 2007: 699 complaints
  • 2008: 545 complaints
  • 2009: 627 complaints
  • 2010: 624 complaints
  • 2011: 645 complaints
  • 2012: 618 complaints
  • 2013: 604 complaints
  • 2014: 727 complaints
  • 2015 (up until Sept. 11): 485 complaints


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