Meet our summer CBC Quebec travelling journalist

This summer, reporter Julia Caron is trading a radio studio for the open road.

Julia Caron hits the road this summer to meet people all across the province.

This summer, CBC Quebec reporter Julia Caron is trading a radio studio for the open road and wants to hear from you. (Julia Caron/CBC)

Julia Caron is usually one of the three people who bring CBC Quebec's afternoon radio show Breakaway to the airwaves every weekday from 4-6 p.m. 

Sometimes you hear her as a guest host, but most often she is the sound technician and researcher, sitting in the Quebec City studio behind the board.

But this summer, she's going to trade that air-conditioned studio for the open road.

CBC Quebec traveling reporter Julia Caron is trading a radio studio for the open road. (Julia Caron/CBC)

Julia will be filling for Marika Wheeler this summer as CBC Quebec's travelling journalist. She'll be on the road, heading out to meet our audience across the province while Marika hosts Quebec AM.

One month into the gig, we checked in with Julia to see what she's been up to.

Q: Where have you been so far?

A: In May, I had the chance to visit the Kiuna Institute in Odanak, that's the only First Nations college educational facility in the province. I learned about how students inspired Eden Robinson's Trickster Series, as well as what it meant for students from First Nations communities across the province to travel to North America's biggest pow-wow.

Then I hopped in the trusty CBC car and drove east towards Saint-Jean-Port-Joli where there was 'la veillée de la danse trad'. Last week, I visited the Lower Saint Lawrence regions as well as Thetford Mines to hang out with students at St. Patrick's elementary school on their last day of classes.

Q: Where to next?

A; Right now I'm looking at community events, festivals and places that matter to the English-speaking communities across the province. Whether they are musical, agricultural, environmental. I'll also be in Quebec City for most of the Festival d'Éte.

Q: Are you looking for story ideas? How can people get in touch with you?

A: Yes, I'm always looking for ideas! I'd love for people to call me, e-mail me, get in touch and tell me where I should be going between now and the end of September! Here's how to reach me:


Phone: 418-656-8825

Twitter: @cbcjulia - here, you can find photos and links to the stories I'm working on.

Instagram: @cbcjuliacaron - I share lots of photos and videos here.


Julia Caron is a journalist, radio-maker and art lover based in Quebec City. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Julia has lived in over a dozen military towns over the years, before heading to Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. That's where she studied history, film and feminism as part of an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree. She has called Quebec City home since 2008, and proudly calls herself a franglophone (yes, it's a thing).