Montreal Community·2022 Charity Drive

Meet our 2022 CBC charities of the year

Throughout December, CBC collaborated with two charities to showcase the work they do in the community.

Montreal City Mission and Townshippers’ Foundation have been selected this year

Staff from the Montreal City Mission and the Legal Clinic
Arwa Nofal, Paula Kline, Anwar Alhjooj, Lauren l'Allemand, Antony Rouget, Peter Butler, Oviline Joseph and Maria Sainz Menendez of the Montreal City Mission (from left to right). (Rana Liu/CBC)

Congratulations to Montreal City Mission and Townshippers Foundation, who were our selected charities this year.

Throughout December, CBC Quebec collaborated with both organizations to showcase the work they do and share stories of people in our communities who are making a difference.

You can see all of our "Make the Season Kind" coverage here.

About Montreal City Mission

Montreal City Mission (MCM) is a downtown community organization that's been finding long-term solutions to problems of poverty and social exclusion since 1910. Located in St. James United Church on Ste-Catherine Street, MCM helps children from low-income families, children with special needs, refugees and immigrants. Their goal is to help break isolation and ease their integration through their various programs

"It's such an honour to be selected as CBC Charity of the Year. The real credit goes to the newcomers who walk through our doors every day," says assistant director Anwar Alhjooj.

"Their stories of courage, resilience and perseverance never fail to amaze and inspire us," Alhjooj said. "As we weave these new stories into our own, our collective narrative is enriched beyond measure."

About Townshippers Foundation

Townshippers Foundation directs funds towards projects in the fields of health and social services, arts and heritage, youth, education and research. (Townshippers Foundation)

Townshippers Research & Cultural Foundation (TRCF), is a small community foundation working in the historic Eastern Townships since 1986. The foundation provides funding grants to small volunteer groups and organizations working in health and social services, arts and heritage, youth, education and research. 

Foundation president Jane Loiselle is looking forward to audiences learning more about the work they do. "We are a small Townships foundation and work on a limited budget with our funds going to the community groups we support. Having this publicity will both encourage and give a helping hand to all the volunteers who work so hard. It is always wonderful to be acknowledged."