How to request a CBC Quebec personality for your event

If your organization would like a CBC Quebec personality to participate in an event as a host, panelist or moderator, please fill out this form.
Requests for CBC hosts should be made at least 30 days before your event. (Julian Haber)

Thank you for your interest in requesting a CBC Quebec personality for your event.

Please note that this form is for organizations wishing to have a moderator, host or panelist at their event, not to have a journalist cover an event. To request media coverage, please e-mail

To help CBC Quebec assess your host request, please complete the form from the link below at least 30 days prior to your event date.

Requests submitted during a shorter timeframe will be considered, however, we cannot guarantee participation from our staff. Please follow-up with your local Communications contact with any questions.

Please note:

While we will make best efforts to provide a host for your event, if the event takes place during or within one hour of the broadcast time for a host's program, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate your request.


Important Terms and Conditions:

  • Once your request is received, it will be shared with the personality for consideration and will be reviewed by management. Your communications contact will then follow-up with you to confirm or extend regrets.
  • A confirmed booking does not mean PSA time and does not guarantee media coverage on our programs or platforms.
  • The organization should make every effort to mention the CBC Quebec personality in any promotional material including media releases, websites, newsletters, etc.
  • Due to CBC's journalistic standards and practices, journalist will not thank sponsors. We kindly ask that a representative from your organization acknowledge funders and sponsors.
  • CBC personalities retain the freedom to edit or change speaking scripts and exercise editorial independence when acting as interviewers and or moderators.
  • CBC personalities do not accept honorariums, gifts or any other paid expenses related to attending events.
  • Personalities cannot sell tickets or participate in fundraising activities.
  • In the unlikely event that our personalities become unavailable for your event, CBC Quebec will endeavor to identify and offer an alternate journalist for your consideration.

CBC Quebec will supply to accepted events:

  • Updated photo and bio of our personality, if requested.
  • A short informational blurb to be used in mail-outs/e-newsletters, as appropriate.
  • Correct logo for usage on print materials and on websites. Usage must be approved by CBC Quebec.
  • CBC Quebec collateral or signage, when appropriate.


Click here to complete the request form.