Douglas Gelevan is the new host of CBC Montreal weekend news

Gelevan makes the leap into the host chair but will stay on the sports beat three days a week.

In addition to weekend role, Gelevan will cover sports in the community 3 days a week

Douglas Gelevan makes the leap into the weekend host chair but will stay on the sports beat three days a week. (CBC)

I was standing in a corn field somewhere east of Montreal when the red light came on the camera and I heard then CBC Montreal News at 6 host Andrew Chang talking in my ear. 

It was the summer of 2010, and it was my first live television report. To be honest, I don't really remember the exact details of the story or what happened after the director shouted "cue" in my ear, but I'll never forget the feeling.

Douglas Gelevan covering the Habs at the Bell Centre in 2019. ((Jean-Francois Vachon / CBC)

There was a rush of adrenaline that shot through my body alongside every self doubt that my inner voice could muster. At once it was both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. 

Afterwards, I called a longtime friend. She was one year ahead of me in our journalism careers at the time, an old sage compared to my narrow experience in the industry. 

I said something like, "I think it went well, but wow, that was intense. Why did I want to do this job again?"

"Every once in a while you have to do something professionally that scares the daylights out of you. That's the whole point," she responded.

Something clicked when she said that. Ever since, I've learned to associate that unsettling feeling with progress. Over time, you learn to crave the feeling because you know deep down that nothing worth doing happens when you feel 100 per cent comfortable. 

Now, after years of learning to trust myself, I have a new challenge in earning your trust in my new role as your weekend host for CBC News Montreal. 

Your city, your stories 

Many of you know me as the sports journalist for CBC Montreal. Since 2011, it's been my pleasure to cover our local teams and athletes for our station, CBC Sports and CBC Olympics. 

We've always prided ourselves on covering sports differently than specialty channels. For us, the community angle is always top of mind and I believe that when telling a sports story it's the struggle — not the score — that is most important.

Douglas Gelevan (second from left) was part of CBC's Olympic coverage in 2014, 2016 and 2018. In 2014, he was the field reporter for CBC for cross-country skiing, biathlon and ski jumping. (Amy Smolens / CBC)

In my new role, our commitment to cover the local sports scene remains a priority. It's true that I will no longer be doing nightly local sports casts, but 3 days a week I will be on the sports beat in your community. I will also continue to contribute to CBC Sports and our Olympic coverage when called on. 

On the weekends, from the host's seat in our studios, I will bring you a complete look at what is going on in our city and importantly, I want you to be reflected in your show. If you feel a local hero deserves recognition, have an event that is bringing together the community or need help holding the powers that be accountable, we are committed to do what we can to make sure your stories have a place in your newscast. 

The city and Montrealers are starting to emerge from the dark cloud of this deadly pandemic. Now it's time for the comeback story. It's not going to be comfortable, and there will be setbacks, but there will also be progress and eventually triumphs.

I can't wait to tell those stories. When you trust us with your story, it's our privilege to tell it and share it. I sincerely hope you can join me on the weekends.   


Douglas Gelevan is a national award-winning journalist who has been a member of the CBC team since 2010. In addition to his role as host of CBC Montreal Weekend News, Doug also covers community sports and sports news.