Montreal cosplayers don their finest costumes for Comiccon 2016

Quebecers showed off their creative and elaborate superhero costumes to kick off this year's annual Comiccon at the Palais des Congrès on Friday.

We caught up with the city's most vibrant festival-goers and asked what inspires them

This family from St-Eustache, Que. spent about a month working on their costumes after the children, Donovan, Sasha and Amelia, expressed interest. It’s the third year attending ComicCon for parents Karine and Pascal. (Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Quebecers showed off their creative and elaborate superhero costumes to kick off this year's annual Comiccon at the Palais des Congrès.

This year's special guests include Tom Felton (Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy), Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek's Captain Janeway) and John Barrowman (Doctor Who's Captain Jack Harkness). Comiccon runs from July 8 to July 10.

CBC Montreal asked some local cosplayers what inspired them to create and share their costumes.

'I love creating'

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

It took Sacha Nahman a month to make his Mad Max costume. This was the first time Nahman made it out to Comiccon, though he's wanted to take part for a long time.

Nahman said he eventually wants to make costumes professionally.

"I really love making stuff," he said. "I love creating."

Why not dress as Elsa?

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Martin Durocher didn't have a special reason to dress as Queen Elsa from the Disney film Frozen. When asked why he chose to dress as Elsa, he simply said "Why not?"

No detail was too small for Durocher. He even got a manicure for the event.

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Dark Youpi rises

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Everyone's favourite Montreal Canadiens mascot apparently likes to cosplay. Youpi dressed as "Dark Youpi," wearing a black cape and gloves.

Cosplaying since 1994

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

This was not this woman's first Comiccon — she's been cosplaying since 1994. This year she came as Batman's occasional nemesis, Harley Quinn.

Can Youpi take on the Hulk?

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Youpi looked a little nervous standing next to Marvel's the Hulk. 

'I just feel at home here'

(Arian Zarrinkoub/CBC)

Dominique Fortier wore his own original costume, which was inspired by videogames Mass Effect and Destiny. He made it out of Styrofoam. 

​It was Fortier's first time cosplaying, but he has attended Comiccons in the past. Fortier described himself as a lover of all things nerdy, which is what inspired him to start cosplaying.

"Everything 'geek' is kind of my thing. I just feel at home here," he said.