Collège de Maisonneuve receives $400K to 'support living together'

The Quebec government will give $400,000 to Collège de Maisonneuve

Quebec government funding will help hire new personnel as part of pilot project

he funding comes after the CEGEP's administration met with the provincial government last month. (Radio-Canada)

The Quebec government will give $400,000 to Collège de Maisonneuve as part of a pilot project aimed at easing tensions on campus grounds at the CEGEP, which made headlines after some of its students left to join militants in Syria.

Hélène David, the province's higher education minister, made the announcement Sunday morning alongside Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. 

The funding comes after the CEGEP's administration met with the provincial government last month.

In a press release, the Quebec government said the pilot project would implement "measures to support living together".

The subsidy will go in part to hiring additional personnel to work at the school.

"It will be workers who are really involved in the community and not behind their desks," David said.

Coderre said adding staff is key in recognizing and preventing radicalization but also to promote openness.

"We are creating the proper environment so people will feel better," Coderre said.

Last January, five post-secondary students from the Collège de Maisonneuve left the country by plane to go to the Middle East territory controlled by ISIS.