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Quebec makes masks mandatory in indoor public spaces

Masks or face coverings will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces across Quebec, beginning Saturday — the start of the two-week construction holiday, when tens of thousands of Quebecers take their summer vacation.

Montreal police's new street check policy draws criticism

A commitment from Montreal's police chief to ensure street checks will be based on observable facts and not 'discriminatory motives' is garnering criticism for failing to sanction officers who don't follow it.

Montreal activists lay out blueprint for defunding police

More than 20 community groups are demanding that the budget of the Montreal police service be halved and that those funds be reallocated to specialized community-oriented services.

With rolling protest, Black Montrealers denounce the challenge of 'driving while Black'

Convoys of luxury and other vehicles driven by Black drivers hit the streets of Montreal Sunday as part of a demonstration to denounce racial profiling, and to bring awareness to the phenomenon of "driving while Black," in which members of the Black community are frequently stopped by police. 

Renewed push to remove slur-filled terms from Quebec's maps sparks debate

In response to a 2015 petition, Quebec’s toponymy commission removed 11 offensive names from all official maps of Quebec. Five years later, only one has been renamed — Lac Honoré-Gélinas in Shawinigan. 

With reopening of bars, spas and casinos, life returns to near-normal in Quebec

Quebec Public Health Director Horacio Arruda has given the go-ahead to nearly every sector to reopen — on the condition that people adhere to sanitary regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Quebecers snatch up park passes as many prepare for a camping-filled summer close to home

In just two days, the agency that manages Quebec's provincial parks network, SEPAQ, has sold twice as many annual park passes as it usually sells all year.

For Black parents, racist video seen as painful reminder and a teachable moment

A racist video of two West Island teens being shared widely online has served as a cruel reminder for Black parents of the challenges their children still face.

Taking down statue of James McGill is only one step in fighting systemic racism, students say

The petition is part of an international movement calling for the removal of statues of colonial, Confederate and other figures who critics say are symbols of systemic racism.

As premier denies systemic racism, black Quebecers point to their lived experience

One author says that calls for the defunding of police are growing louder, to pay for things "that would actually keep people safe," such as public housing and transit. 

With air conditioning scarce, Quebec's long-term care homes struggle with heat during pandemic

People with chronic health conditions and the elderly are especially vulnerable to high heat and humidity — and to COVID-19. That leaves long-term care homes facing a doubly challenging situation: how to deal with the heat while preventing further spread of the virus.

Arruda warns unauthorized businesses to stay closed as most Montreal retailers gear up for May 25

Certain businesses that have been deemed non-essential and don’t have a direct outdoor entrance are asking for the Quebec government for clarity on when they can reopen and under what conditions.

Physical distancing a sign of respect for others, Legault says as Montrealers flock to city parks

An emotional social media plea by exhausted nurse sparks criticism of large outdoor gatherings.

Situation in Montreal good enough to reopen stores next week and daycares by June, Legault says

But despite easing the confinement measures, the premier urged Quebecers to continue respecting physical distancing guidelines and to wear a mask in public.

Montreal works to increase testing in neighbourhoods hit hard by virus

As Montreal public health officials roll out their plans to increase testing in districts with high rates of COVID-19 infection, Premier François Legault is urging residents of those districts to go get tested.