Chris Lloyd, Papineau Conservative candidate, resigns

Chris Lloyd, the Conservative candidate who said his campaign was part of an art project, resigned shortly after CBC News revealed why he chose to run for a seat in Parliament.

He was acclaimed in February to run in Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's riding

Papineau Conservative candidate resigns

7 years ago
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Chris Lloyd, Justin Trudeau's Tory opponent in Papineau riding, launched campaign as part of art project

Chris Lloyd, a Conservative candidate in Montreal who said his campaign was part of an art project, has resigned.

His resignation came hours after CBC News revealed his campaign and party involvement were part of a decade-long art project which involved writing letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper almost every day.

His campaign, he said, was intended to "mess with" the Conservative Party. 

At an art discussion in Fredericton in March, Lloyd said he was a member of all political parties at one point, as well as a member of Leadnow, a group bent on preventing a Conservative majority.

Lloyd, a native of Saint John, N.B., was acclaimed in February as the candidate to run against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in the Montreal riding of Papineau.

Lloyd has refused to comment, but on Facebook, he posted that his political career is not over.

On Facebook, Chris Lloyd posted a note saying he's not done with politics. (Facebook)

Part of an art project

In Lloyd's Dear PM project, he wrote a letter to the prime minister nearly every day for 15 years.

His letters ranged from personal to political.

"Getting tough on crime will not make Canada safer," he wrote to the PM in 2011, "It will just put more people in jail."

Lloyd wrote a fake cheque to pay for the controversial F-35 fighter jets. (Chris Lloyd)

In Fredericton, Lloyd said he's been writing about his plan to become a candidate for years.

"I'm going to like mess with your party, I'm totally, like, going to wait till the writ is dropped then it's going to be party time," he said.

He became active in the Papineau riding in 2011, and eventually became president of the electoral district association.

Online, until Tuesday, he controlled both the riding's official Facebook page as well as his own blog, Certainly Not Justin. He often made winking posts, hinting that his heart wasn't in Conservative values.

A post on the Conservatives' Papineau Facebook page seems to outwardly support the party. (Facebook)

Conservatives criticized

In a statement Tuesday evening, a spokesperson for Trudeau said "the people of Papineau deserve the choice of credible candidates to represent them in Parliament. The Conservatives have not taken this obligation seriously."

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice told CBC News that Lloyd becoming a candidate shows a lapse in the Conservatives' vetting process.

"I think Conservatives cannot do their own homework," he said.

That reflects badly on the party's credibility, he added. 

"It's a joke, because they accept a guy like this, who is making a joke of them."


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