Chez Alexandre owner takes down terrasse to comply with city bylaw

Alain Creton, owner of Chez Alexandre on Peel Street, says the city has made him remove his restaurant's terrasse from the sidewalk.

City rules say 1.5-metre space should be left between restaurant façade and terrasse

Alain Creton, owner of Chez Alexandre, says he took down his restaurant terrasse today. (Chez Alexandre)

A popular Parisian-style brasserie in downtown Montreal has been forced to take down its terrasse from the sidewalk because of a new municipal bylaw.

Alain Creton, owner of Chez Alexandre, said city workers came by today and had him remove the outdoor furniture.

The City of Montreal says a 1.5-metre space should be left between a restaurant's façade and its terrasse to make it easier for people with limited mobility to get around.

Creton says Chez Alexandre has had a patio on the sidewalk for 38 years and no one ever had a problem with his terrasse until now.

He says removing it will cost him $6,000 a day in lost revenue.

"It's a lot of money and the tax I am paying for my restaurant is 40-thousand dollars every year," he told CBC.

Creton says he will also be forced to lay off at least 25 servers as a result of the closure.

He says he tried to contact the mayor's office today to find a solution, but hasn't heard back.

The terrasse will be able to open during Grand Prix weekend, when the street is closed.


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