Hunter who found Cédrika Provencher's remains speaks out

It was a trio of hunters that found the remains of Cédrika Provencher on the edge of Highway 40 in St-Maurice.

Quebec girl's remains discovered 8 years after disappearance from Trois-Rivières

The hunters who discovered the remains of Cédrika Provencher immediately called police. (Maude Montembeault/Radio-Canada)

It was a trio of hunters that found the remains of Cédrika Provencher on the edge of Highway 40 in Saint-Maurice, Que.

Provencher, who went missing on July 31, 2007, was last seen near her home Trois-Rivières, Que. 

She was reportedly approached by an adult who asked for help to find a missing dog. The nine-year-old was never seen again.

Pascal Lanthier said they immediately called police upon finding the remains Friday.

Lanthier, along with his brother Martin and their friend Sébastien Lupin were met by the Sûreté du Québec that day.

The SQ informed Cédrika's family Saturday.

'We felt it was related to Cédrika Provencher'

The group quickly realized Friday that they had stumbled across human remains. The trio had already found several animal skulls during their last 30 years of hunting.

"We came to meet my brother and when we saw the skull, we felt it was related to Cédrika Provencher," said Lanthier.

"I am almost always in the forest. I was absolutely certain, I had a feeling that one day I would find her."

Cédrika Provencher went missing when was nine from Trois-Rivières. ((Canadian Press))

Lanthier told Radio-Canada that they made sure not to touch anything in order not to contaminate the remains or surrounding area.

"Surely if we had taken the time to look around that we would have found other objects," said Lanither.

"But we wanted to let the police do their work."

With files from the Canadian Press