CBC Montreal takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Some members of CBC Montreal were nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Today the team stepped up to raise some awareness and money for research into ALS.

Internet fundraising phenomenon raising awareness for ALS

CBC Montreal takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

9 years ago
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CBC Montreal takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

You may have seen some references to the Ice Bucket Challenge online and wondered what it's all about.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a way to raise awareness and money for research into ALS — also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

The internet fundraising phenomenon has exploded in popularity among professional athletes, celebrities and some familiar faces at CBC Montreal.

The people nominated have 24 hours to pour buckets of water over their heads and nominate three other people.

"It started off as a family fun challenge which went viral worldwide," said Claudine Cook, executive director for the ALS Society of Quebec.

However, the Ice Bucket Challenge has gone far beyond those with a personal connection to the disease. 

Remembering Tony Proudfoot

Members of the Concordia Stingers football team were the latest nominees, and they stepped up to the challenge.

For the Stingers, it wasn't just for fun.  Their former coach and CFL legend Tony Proudfoot died from ALS just a few years ago.

"It's so important to give back to people who have been here, been part of the family, and talk about Tony Proudfoot," said Mickey Donovan, head coach for the Stingers.

The ALS Society of Quebec says nominees are now more aware of a debilitating disease which has no cure.  The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised tens of thousands of dollars already in Canada and millions in the U.S.

"I've been [with the ALS Society] for 10 years and it's unbelievable, we've never seen anything like this," said Cook. 

Some journalists at CBC Montreal were challenged themselves, and the team didn't disappoint. 

So far Andie Bennett, Frank Cavallaro, Debra Arbec, Shawn Apel and Alex Leduc have doused themselves for the cause. 

To donate, visit the Quebec ALS Society website here