CBC goes behind-the-scenes at the new MUHC superhospital

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Your exclusive look inside the new superhospital days before big move

The Daybreak crew on location at the new McGill University Health Centre. (Charles Contant/CBC)

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Go inside the MUHC with CBC News Montreal

This evening, CBC News Montreal will be live from the new MUHCDebra Arbec will be on location at the entrance to the new Royal Victoria Hospital to bring you stories about the people, patients, services and innovation at the Glen site. 

CBC News Montreal's Debra Arbec speaks to a volunteer during an emergency room simulation at the new Royal Victoria Hospital. (Melinda Dalton/CBC)

Just before 6 p.m., you can explore the new MUHC with CBC's Molly Kohli as she takes you on a live, streaming web tour before the hospital officially opens to the public. 

Daybreak on location

Mike Finnerty and the Daybreak crew visited Montreal's new superhospital in Notre-Dame-de Grace this morning to find out what the big change will mean for Montrealers.

We heard from patients, doctors and the administration who will be moving to the MUHC on April 26. 

One of the biggest questions that Montrealers have about the new hospital surround accessibility. We spoke to Laurent Morrisette, vice-president of RAPLIQ, one of the most active advocate groups for the rights of people with disabilities.

Getting to the MUHC when you use a wheelchair isn't easy, says accessibility group RAPLIQ. The group's vice-president Laurent Morissette discussed those issues with Mike Finnerty during a special MUHC remote broadcast.

Patients worried about specialist care

Our reporter, Shari Okeke, spoke with patients about their concerns about hospital's specialty care departments. 

Wanda Potrykus has a kidney autoimmune disease that requires her to follow up with many different specialists including a nephrologist and a nutritionist. She was devastated to hear that her nutritionist would not be available to her after the move. Potrykus is afraid that she will no longer have a skilled expert to follow up with her and provide her with the  proper care she requires.

Daybreak's arts reporter Jeanette Kelly also took a look at the public art at the new Glen site.

Covit was asked to create the largest sculpture on the new Glen site. It's meant to be a welcoming, hopeful work of art. She talks to Jeanette Kelly about what she made and how.

MUHC CEO talks about new hospital

Norman Rinfred answered some tough questions from Mike Finnerty, including how the transition will affect patients and what is being done to prevent foreseeable problems. Rinfret addressed issues of transportation and patient concerns about specialty care.

Rinfret also described some of the special features of the hospital, like single-patient rooms, which could improve prevention of infectious diseases.

For all of our in-depth coverage on the move, check out our special report: The new MUHC.