CBC Do Crew joins the Shoebox Project workshop

The Shoebox Project started in 2005 when Katherine Velan and Debbi Jardine decided to put together some gift boxes for women in a Montreal shelter.

Do Crew volunteers will be part of the team on an all-day blitz to fill and wrap 1,000 treat boxes

Last year, the Shoebox Project delivered 1,200 gift boxes to Montreal women's shelters and this year, the volunteers hope to hand out 1,500 shoeboxes. Left ro right: Katherine Velan (Shoebox project, Montreal chapter, co-chair), Debbi Jardine (Shoebox Project, Montreal chapter, co-chair) and Anitra Bostock (volunteer) gather in front of hundreds of gift packed shoeboxes. (Shoebox Project/November 2013)

Update: The Do Crew is now full for this event. Please check back next month to get involved in our next project!

The Shoebox Project started in 2005 when Katherine Velan and Debbi Jardine decided to put together some gift boxes for women in a Montreal shelter.

Along with some friends, they filled 25 shoeboxes with toiletries and treats. 

Once they got started, Velan says, they just wanted to do more and more. 

In 2011, they joined a Toronto-based group who helped initiate chapters of the Shoebox Project across Canada. 

Last year the Montreal charity put together 1,200 shoeboxes and delivered them to 28 women's shelters including Chez Doris, West Island Women's Shelter and La rue des femmes.

Since the beginning of the project, the number of women in need seems to be growing but luckily so does the number of those who want to get involved, Velan says.

"Sometimes people choose to do an evening of assembling and wrapping shoeboxes when they are celebrating a family birthday or having an office Christmas party," Velan says. "It's really fun and easy to do and really anyone can do it."

This Saturday the Do Crew will be gathering to help the Shoebox Project for a few hours of the all-day blitz to assemble 1,000 shoeboxes. If you're interested in coming along, here is what you need to know:

WHO: 12 volunteers 
WHAT: Filling and wrapping gift boxes
WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 15 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

If you would like to join us simply contact Monique Lacombe by email or phone at 514-597-4479.

Don't forget that the  Do Crew takes on one volunteer task a month. We're currently accepting applications from non-profit groups who need help in the months of January and February. Don't delay, get in touch today!