CBC Do Crew helps FILIA pay it forward

CBC Montreal's Do Crew lent a few helping hands to Parc-Extension seniors' association FILIA.

Do Crew volunteers received warmly by participants at walk-a-thon

Sophie Patsakis of Filia models walk-a-thon T-shirts with Do Crew organizer Monique Lacombe. (Olena Harasymowycz, CBC volunteer)

FILIA headquarters was abuzz hours before the walk began on Saturday morning.  

Participants showed up at the non-profit seniors' association in Parc-Extension to gather for a morning coffee with friends. Amidst the laughs and hugs were the stories of people who have received help from FILIA in the past and had come to volunteer as a way of giving back.

Even before the walk-a-thon, participants began to appear the Do Crew volunteers had already assembled. They were there to help with registration, T-shirt distribution, photography and clean-up. 

The rain held off long enough for people to complete their walk and duck inside with their BBQ souvlaki to celebrate. 

Despite the fact that Do Crew members wore stickers bearing the title of "volunteer," people attending the fundraiser kept insisting that we "try the souvlaki," "have a pastry" or "take a seat." 

Thanks to all for your kind offers, and thanks to Do Crew volunteers for coming along and helping to make this event a success!

It was really nice to see returning volunteers George and Fernando and to welcome Janice, Assieh and Olena to the Do Crew. Hope to see you all again at a future Do Crew event!

If you want to know more or you'd like to volunteer, simply email Monique Lacombe 
Morning Do Crew volunteers assemble with FILIA representatives for a group photo. From left: Olena Harasymowycz, Assieh Fazel, Joanna Tsoublekas (founder and executive director of FILIA), Sophie Patsakis (assistant to director) and Monique Lacombe. (FILIA volunteer)
When all the fun is wrapping up, the Do Crew steps in to clean up! From left: Fernando Toledo, Sophie Patsakis (FILIA), George Babalis, Monique Lacombe, Rikardo Shpori (FILIA volunteer), Joanna Tsoublekas (FILIA) and Janice Choma. (FILIA volunteer)