Carrie Haber

Carrie Haber is a senior CBC television, radio & podcast producer based in Montreal.

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Black stories: 7 Montrealers recount their most personal experiences

In honour of Black History Month, CBC Montreal brought seven storytellers together for a live, tell-all event.

New CBC podcast seeking Montreal and Toronto teens

Mic Drop is a chance for teenagers to grab the mic and have their say.

Watch Half Moon Run reflect on the human poetry of Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne' with their own cover

"It was the first time I'd had poetry where I didn't have to pretend that I liked it or try to get into some context of postmodernism or some shit like that."

When you start to look back: 18 older men sing Leonard Cohen's 'I'm Your Man'

Artist Candice Breitz paired Cohen fans with the Shaar Hashomoyim men's choir for a video installation and recording paying tribute to the late legend.

She imagined herself in a roadside hotel in a Leonard Cohen song — now she pays tribute from one

Songwriter Laurel Sprengelmeyer, a.k.a. Little Scream, has brought her teenage visions to life with her contribution to the Leonard Cohen museum exhibit.

'A simple guitar pattern can free your mind' and more things Leonard Cohen taught the Barr Brothers

Making music in Cohen's hometown, songwriter Brad Barr has picked up a few things from the Canadian icon.

'Yes, I know the condition well': Leonard Cohen's advice to Basia Bulat on writer's block

Watch the singer-songwriter read the words she has framed and perform "Dance Me To The End Of Love."

How Leonard Cohen saves lonely souls in Montreal winters

Montreal singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk reflects on Cohen's ability to conquer the darkness by calling it out by its name.

'There's never a word there when you don't need it': This dancer moves like Leonard Cohen's language

Clara Furey knew Leonard Cohen all her life, and she brings his approach towards words to her movement.

This vintage organ lets you play a symphony of Leonard Cohen's poetry

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have turned Cohen's words into a playable machine — and they say it's almost like getting a personal message from Leonard.

Award-winning film The Gardener offers rare glimpse into hidden gem in La Malbaie, Que.

Shortly before his death at 86, the influential gardener and philanthropist Frank Cabot recounted his personal quest for perfection at Les Jardins de Quatre-Vents in this feature documentary by Quebec's Sébastien Chabot.

Producer's notebook: doc making from the depths of the ocean

How, in the face of catastrophic environmental changes, is the language of whales and dolphins being reshaped? Ideas contributor Carrie Haber joined a research expedition and spoke with the people who have spent decades at sea trying to solve what seems an unsolvable mystery ... and she invited The Doc Project aboard for the journey.
Absolutely Quebec

Clay vs. Clay: One boxer's toughest opponent is himself

This documentary tells the story of Clay Peters, a 33-year-old addict struggling to regain sobriety as he pursues his dream of winning a world heavyweight boxing title.
Absolutely Quebec

Festival brings big names to tiny community of Shigawake

A creative new documentary highlights music's ability to bring together isolated communities whose youth are reckoning with uncertain futures in the the Gaspé. Performances by Barr Brothers, Katie Moore, Blood & Glass and many others help capture the summer spirit of the peninsula.
Absolutely Quebec

Documentary captures Verdun playwright's epic struggle to stage work on WW1

In The Good Fight, the filmmakers chronicle the near-Sisyphean feat of Davd Fennario's struggle to mount his play Motherhouse, about the First World War's devastating effect on working-class Verdun residents.