Habs goalie Carey Price offers big hug to young fan whose mom died of cancer

Anderson Whitehead, who is 11, met the all-star during the morning skate in Toronto.

Anderson Whitehead, 11, met the all-star during the morning skate in Toronto last week

Carey Price took the time to make a young fan's day a little brighter last weekend, offering Anderson Whitehead, 11, a big hug and some signed swag. (Submitted by Kevin Whitehead)

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price did a good thing.

Last year, as Brantford, Ont., mother Laura McKay was dying of cancer, she promised her son Anderson Whitehead she would do everything she could to make sure he met Price, his idol.

Anderson, who is 11, met the all-star during the morning skate in Toronto last week. McKay died in November, before she could witness the touching moment between her son and the goalie.

"I didn't think somebody like that would sign my stick," Anderson said. "I didn't think he would have time for me."

"I broke into tears after he signed my stick. After, he gave me a big hug."

The boy's aunt, Tammy Whitehead, posted a video of the encounter on Facebook. It has been viewed millions of times.

Good luck keeping it together while watching.

Price gave Anderson a big hug as the boy cried into his shoulder. Price signed Anderson's jersey and mini stick, and gave him two signed sticks and a signed puck.

"Words cannot describe how much this meant to Anderson and we are forever grateful to this wonderful man," Whitehead wrote in the Facebook post.

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